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Success story

Plate, Sheet & Clad-Metal Forming

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- Solve sheet or plate forming processes of clad-metal with titanium skin and aluminum base

- Create layered mesh system

- Predict fracture phenomena and accurate product dimensions



- AFDEX offers a special routine for generating layered finite element models with tetrahedral elements, which can be effectively employed in revealing fracture at the corners or vicinities.



- AFDEX can be a powerful solution provider in solving plate or sheet metal forming processes, especially for clad-metals using solid elements.

- AFDEX has special functions for processes such as blank holding force-exerting die, spring attached die, layered mesh generation scheme, etc.


“AFDEX team provided us solutions of clad-metal forming processes faster than expected, whose level of simulation was unattainable by other software we tried before.

It has a beautiful mesh.”


Dr. Hong-chul Hyun

Senior researcher

Global Technology Center


Samsung Electronics


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