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Success story

Forging Process Renewal / Optimization for Automation

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- Renew the conventional process designs

- Optimize the process design in terms of robustness

- Minimize the cost with enhanced quality



- Improve conventional process designs in consideration of automation by simulating them in a fully automatized way

- Minimize the scrap generation and conduct the design for stable scrap gripping



- AFDEX minimizes the burden of development cost which replaces manual products with automatized ones with no additional cost.

- AFDEX helps improving the stability of process and quality of forgings, leading to the world-class competitiveness in hot forging of hubs, bearings and etc.



“Forging competitiveness heavily depends on its elaborate simulation techniques. AFDEX is well prepared especially for intelligent forging process.


Mr. Deukyong Yoo

Executive Director


Dongeun Forging

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