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Success story

Shorten Lead Time & Cost in Forging Process

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- Minimize the lead time and cost in developing difficult forging process

- Find an acceptable process design with no local material folding, which is almost unavoidable when depending on trial-and error approach.



- User-friendly functions in AFDEX help process design engineers become agile users through ways of simple operation.

- Automatic simulation capability for multi-stage forging processes enables users to analyze the whole simulation with the least intervention.



- Minimizes development time and cost

- Makes it possible to turn very tough metal forming processes into economically competitive ones with no failures.


“AFDEX had been a true friend of mine for almost 17 years. With an easy communication power from the early days of beginner, it consistently has guided me to build my company’s real competitiveness.”


Mr. Young-Hyo Jun



Jinhap, a member of GFA 

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