Engineering Consultancy Services for Forging Simulation, Process Design and Optimization

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Engineering Consultancy Services for Forging Simulation, Process Design and Optimization


MFRC offers fast-paced and highly focused engineering consultancy services in the fields of forging process design and optimization through simulation technology.


Leverage our knowledge and expertise accumulated over three decades by forging simulation software development as well as through our previous collaborative work with globally reputed manufacturers.


You can realize your forging process design much faster than you think!

Of course, with accuracy.

What happens after you contact us?

We Listen

Most crucial phase, we listen and understand you

 Feasibility analysis, decide on prospective outcomes 

We Simulate

 Data acquisition (Like Geometry, Material information)

 Simulation of your problem

We Validate

 Collaborative validation of results

 Post-processing and discussion of results

You Succeed

We empower your decision making

You succeed and we are really proud of that




Why MFRC? 

Forging process design demands specialist, in-depth knowledge and a high degree of skill. That’s where we enter the picture.


FEA Simulation–backed process designs are a no-brainer when it comes to developing new and innovative metal forming processes for your cutting-edge products. But time is a key differentiator. If you have to be the market leader, more often than not, converting your idea to a market ready product at the quickest and the most efficient way is very crucial. MFRC can be a great fit at these situations where we take care of the forging simulation requirements completely and your team can focus on the other important things within your business.


If you do not have the right manpower to carry out forging simulation, please do know that an array of experienced engineers, proven in the field of metal forming simulation, are ready to help you. Leverage our expertise and become the market leader!


If you are a big company and are still in the process of deciding upon a long-term, reliable and accurate metal forming simulator, then a consultancy project with us would be a great starting point. We are really proud of what we do and always aim to pursue excellence in the fascinating field of metal forming.


Interested or have some questions before you start?


Contact us for a personalized discussion.




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