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Success story

Innovative material development and identification

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- Develop new materials by processes with reduced energy consumption (environment friendly)

- Reveal their mechanical and deformation behavior for different applications

- Obtain the accurate flow stress at large strains of over 1.0 for metal forming simulation

- Support customers with technology and value



- Pre-heat treated steels, ESW series, were developed and their applications have drastically increased.

- With AFDEX-MAT, the material identification module of AFDEX, the unique characteristics of true stress-strain curves of various ESWs are being revealed just in time and supplied for customers. 

- Enables us to give valuable advice for customers to develop their application processes with reduced effort.



- Develop best quality steels and quickly commercialize them with highly accurate material identification for process design engineers

- Usage of new materials can lead to removal of existing heat treatment process thereby saving manufacturing costs

- Wide variety of applications, i.e. the newly developed materials are being used in 25% of the passenger cars 






AFDEX-MAT ensures that the best material properties are used leading to the highest quality of our products.

S. T Ahn



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