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Success story

Innovation in Die Making for Customers

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- The more technological advances in forging companies,  the more user-friendly process design software is in need.

- Global business is more attractive especially in forging industry when process designs can be easily optimized.



- More opportunities can be secured when the most user-friendly forging simulator such as AFDEX is hired.

- Approaches are to be made through optimizing many chronic problems by close collaborations with AFDEX developers



- International standards and requirements are fruitfully met in forging process design as well as the die making. 

- Collaborations with AFDEX technicians greatly enhances the company’s level of understanding global technological trends and applicative caliber towards customers.


“When customers visit my company, they are firstly to encounter selected CAE predictions showing our creative forging process  philosophy and open-minded designs for our beloved customers.”


Mr. Younggil Choi




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