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Two-day training program with practice session in Mexico City - In Pictures

October 29 and 30, 2018 | 10:00 -16:30


October 29 – Monday – Hotel Camino Real Aeropuerto, Mexico City

October 30 – Tuesday – Practice Session at Universidad Politécnica del Valle de México (UPVM), Mexico City


The developers of AFDEX, the intelligent metal forming simulator, conducted a 2-day training on the basics of AFDEX and also gave an overview on the advancements in forging simulation technology. The course had a mix of theory (fundamentals of forging simulation, AFDEX basics, etc.) as well as practice sessions, where the attendees got a chance to simulate the processes in AFDEX.  

Before the commencement of the practice session, the GUI of AFDEX was explained in detail with other functionalities that are essential for carrying out simulations of metal forming processes.






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